Rickard Larsson BOTT 2008

Rickard Larsson

Rickard Larsson Nordic Bott Title winner 2008
Rickard Larssson benytter Cordona Quickshifter på sin 1098S

Rickard Larsson benytter Cordona Quickshifter på sin 1098S

Thanks for all the help with bagging the Nordic Bott Title 2008.
The PQ8 prototype worked great all season, we installed it, dialled it in and have not touched it since. The up shifts are smooth when I go slow, and smooth when I go fast, so there is nothing more to ask for.

Lowered my laptimes at Knutstorp with 1,5 sec right after the PQ8 was installed.
Our endurance part of the team had the same experience on the 4hr race GSXR 750 -07, Installed the PQ8 and did not touch it during 25 hr of riding over the season.